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2018 — Lexington, KY/US
Subject: Minutes from KESDA Spring Board Meeting 2018
Sender Ed Smith
Recipients All Registrants of KESDA Senior
Date 29 May 2018 11:30 AM

Text of message:

Spring 2018 KESDA Board Meeting Minutes

The KESDA Board of Directors met for the spring board meeting on May 6 in the Lab Theatre on the campus of Georgetown College.  Kellie Crump, Cassie James, Helen Williams, Neomia Hagans-Flores, Brian Gardner, Ed Smith, and Betsy Smith took part.

1.  Flight A is too heavy at the Senior tournament.  Ed and Betsy will create a couple of options for evening out the events and send them to the board for a vote.

2. The board voted unanimously to remove the table from improv pairs at both Junior and Senior.

3. The board voted unanimously to extend Public Forum Debate at Senior for one more year.  There must be at least five teams competing.  Times will be adjusted to avoid competing during periods of heavy room usage on Saturday.

4. Because the past year saw Congress students discussing the same bills at every tournament, it was suggested that new legislation be required for KESDA.  Helen and Eric will poll coaches and the issue will be decided at the fall board meeting.

5. At Junior, Flight C is very interp-heavy.  Ed and Betsy will create a couple of options for evening out the event types and send the to the board for a vote.

6. In order to recognize more students, names of semi-finalists in each event will be announced at KESDA Junior 2019.

7. The board decided against the suggestion to have a judges’ meeting before Saturday rounds.  However, judge no-shows create a problem every tournament.  Therefore, judges will be required to check in fifteen minutes before their first round at the tournament, whether Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  Coaches should be on standby for every round.  If a judge does not show up for a round, the coach of that judge’s team will be required to judge it.

8. In hopes of getting new teams to come to KESDA, a letter will be drafted to go out to all public and private schools.

9. It was decided to offer a competition for short (30-60 seconds) videos from schools about the value of speech from a student’s perspective.  Ed and Betsy will draft guidelines.

10. To streamline tabbing, Congress prelims will now be calculated in Tabroom.  Several suggestions for Congress will be revisited in the fall, including whether or not to require two judges and whether to ask coaches to judge it in order to expose more people to the event and increase interest.

11. We would like to include a novice event or some other way to recognize novices more uniquely.  This might be a novice trithon award or a final round consisting of non-advancing finalists in the largest event.  Ed and Betsy will figure out a way to articulate this and bring it up for approval at the fall board meeting.

12. Looking for a fun experimental event that would not require practice time or preparation before KESDA, Ed suggested a mixed-team impromptu advertising event to run during Group.  It would not count against a student’s total number of events.  Details will be hammered out by Ed and Betsy and presented at the fall board meeting.

13. The board voted not to run Group and Congress during the same time slot at KESDA Senior.  There is a suggestion to run a round of Congress before the tournament begins on Thursday.  Proposals will be sent out to coaches for feedback.

14. The board decided against allowing KESDA Junior students to compete in five events with the exception of adding Congress or Group.  (This is how we did it this year.)

15. We are creating proposals for giving small scholarships.  These might be tied to trithon/pentath or to an essay.  Proposals will be reviewed at the fall board meeting.

16. Coaches, would it be useful to have a judge training video?

All Registrants of KESDA Senior