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2018 — Lexington, KY/US
Subject: Pentathalon at KESDA Senior
Sender Steve Meadows
Recipients All Registrants of KESDA Senior
Date 15 February 2018 10:19 AM

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Beloved Fellow Coaches, 

One of my students was tickled to show me I was wrong.

According to the KESDA Handbook, Congressional Debate counts as an Original Speech, not Limited Prep, for Pentath. So if you have kids who now qualify for Pentath (or don't), please make your Pentath corrections by Friday's 5 PM deadline.

Apologies! I'm blaming the painkillers.

Steve the Tabroom Elf/Slave (where is Harry Potter . . .)



KESDA Senior Coaches:


I was alerted a couple of weeks ago that I had forgotten to put Pentathalon as an event for KESDA when I set up the Tabroom site, and I thought I fixed it. Today when I went to put in my own entries for Danville, I discovered I did not. 

NOW it's fixed.

So if you have entries for Pentathalon, don't forget to put them in for KESDA Senior by Friday's entry deadline.  Remember that for Pentath a student must have at least FIVE events including at least one from each Area:

* ORIGINAL SPEECH:  Informative or Persuasion or Congressional Debate


* LIMITED PREP:  Broadcasting,  Extemp, Impromptu, Improv Pairs, Public Forum Debate


* INTERPRETATION:  Everything else.


Many apologies for the hassle! I swear I thought I put that in there.


Steve Meadows, KESDA Tabroom elf

All Registrants of KESDA Senior

All Registrants of KESDA Senior