Mukwonago 4N6 Is it Spring Yet

2018 — Mukwonago, WI/US
Subject Thursday update
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Sent Thursday 1 March 2018 at 10:49 AM
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This email contains a bunch of important information.  Please read it all the way to the end.  


1. Codes.  Codes are now available for you to print. Click on the entries tab and look to the right.  You'll see the option to print your registration.  Your student codes are there.

2. Judge codes.  Judges have last names.  We'll be using that for their codes.

3. Saturday check in.  By 7:15 we need a text from you at:  (414) 327-4816.  We'll need the name of your school and either "all present," or "drop UK 007 Bond" giving us the code and name of the student.  We can't rebalance the tournament and be ready to start on time until we've heard from all of you. 

4. If you have no drops, you can also check in online.  Saturday morning you'll see a button online that says confirm onsite.  Follow that and you'll be checked in without a need to text us.

5. On Saturday, busses need to drop students off in the back of the school, at door 23.  You'll get there by using the East driveway and heading South to the back of the school.  Once you get in the school, follow the signs to the commons.  

6. Judges should either park in the back, where there is lots of room, or in the front where there is far less.  Signs in the building will lead them to the judge's lounge.

7. Spencer has a preview of the menu.  You and your students can find it here:

8. A student info sheet can be found here:

9. You can continue putting in any drops until tomorrow night, but any adds you might have, need to come through me.


I know for many, this is the first experience with  If you have any questions, please ask. 


John Knetzger



All Registrants of Mukwonago 4N6 Is it Spring Yet