UT 6A Region 1

2018 — Clearfield, UT/US
Subject: RE: rEgIoN!1!!
Sender Lorin Harris
Recipients All Registrants of UT 6A Region 1
Date Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 3:02 PM

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Ok, Region should be all set. Policy will be terribad with 4 teams from 2 schools, so tell your kids it will be a giant waste (as usual). If there are major problems, let me know. I have paired round 1 already and set it so we SHOULD be good to go by 8 am on Saturday.


Food: Big Sai's is catering. For $5 your kids can have a plate with teryiyayaki chik'n, rice and mac salad and a drink. It's filling. If they complain, we'll sell a plate of complaining children for $Tree-Fiddy. If they want to be jerks, well, I'm never hosting this crap again, so whatevs.


We'll have concessions as well. $1 for chips and sodas and snacks, etc.

4 rounds. 3 rounds of congress. 1 round of policy (haha!)

See you Saturday.

All Registrants of UT 6A Region 1