Reagan Great Communicator Mid Atlantic Qualifier

2018 — Towson, MD/US
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Sender Charles Donovan
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Sent Wednesday 9 May 2018 at 5:41 PM
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Dear coaches,

Loyola Blakefield looks forward to welcoming you this Saturday to the Reagan Great Communicator Debate Series Mid-Atlantic Qualifier:

Now that registration has closed, I wanted to provide a few tournament updates:

First, each participating debater will need to fill out a media release form prior to the start of competition.  Completed forms should be turned in at registration.  The form may be found at:

When you arrive at Loyola Blakefield on Saturday, the best place to park is in the lot off of Chestnut Avenue, the one next to the tennis courts.  The building that is next to the parking lot is Wheeler Hall, which is where the tournament will be based.  If you follow the path and enter the building on the ground floor, you will be in Father George Lounge, which is the gathering area for tournament participants. There will be a registration table set up in the lounge, which is where coaches can check in their students and judges and pay the $10 per student registration fee (please make any checks payable to Loyola Blakefield).  

All teams and judges should be checked in by 9:00 AM so that we can start the tournament on time.  If you are running unavoidably late, please text tournament liaison Charles Donovan at 914-907-6322 with your anticipated arrival time and if you have any drops or changes to your entry.  We will not be able to delay the tournament for you but we at least won't drop your entry!

We will hold a brief judge meeting at 9:15 in Wheeler 112 where we will go over tournament procedures.  Rounds will begin soon after.  Based on the size of the field (19 from 10 schools as of now), we will be holding five preliminary rounds breaking to quarterfinals (top 8).  The final round is currently scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM, but we will move up times if we are able.

All judges are obligated to remain at the tournament until the last ballots are distributed for the last round.  While this may seem counterintuitive, judges whose students have dropped are actually the most valuable judges at the tournament.  We have to panel elimination rounds with at least 3 judges.  Since judges can not judge students from their own school, if judges whose students are eliminated leave the tournament, then we will either not have any eligible judges left to complete the tournament, or we will need to stagger rounds so badly that we won't be home in time for Saturday Night Live.  Please help us keep things moving and plan to be with us for the entire tournament.  You won't regret seeing the fine work our students have put in.

Breakfast and lunch will be catered by local eateries and will be provided to judges and students at no charge.

Safe travels and we will see you on Saturday!


Charles Donovan

Head Coach, Loyola Blakefield Speech and Debate


Schools registered for Reagan Great Communicator Mid Atlantic Qualifier with entries in: Reagan Great Communicator Debate