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2018 — CA/US
Subject Waitlist/Entry process, Schedule and judging
Sender Brandon Garrett
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Sent Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 1:33 PM
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If you do not have any waitlisted entries feel free to skip to the bottom.

If this chunk of my email seems that I am short on patience or annoyed its because I am.  I have already sent 2 emails requesting that schools update their entries to include records of the teams that they have entered.  This is the same process we use every year.  The entry deadline was yesterday and yet there are still several schools that have not completed this process.  I am highly inclined to prevent your entries from competition at this point.

This is not a new process and when you as coaches do not do what you are supposed to, you create more work for Charles and I that we should not have to do.  There are several schools that I have specifically reached out to that not only have not completed the process but have not even contacted me or replied to inquire about the process.  This is the height of laziness - do not assume Charles and I will do the work for you, because we won't.  If you have contacted me and are still on the waitlist we need to talk again.  Send me an email ASAP.

Like I said, I am highly inclined to bar currently waitlisted students from entry.  You can explain to your students that you did not fulfill your very clear responsibilities as a coach and that is why they are unable to compete at the State Qualifier.  I don't ever put up restrictions like this but it seems that sticks probably work better than carrots.

I have included screenshots of the schools in question and the entries that this applies to below.  If you do not update your entries by 8am tomorrow they aren't getting into the tournament.   Registration has been open for several weeks.  

PF Waitlist:
Parli Waitlist:

And people wonder why I don't want to run for this position anymore.  I am running or helping to run four different  tournaments with Charles in the next 3 weeks for this league - lets try to all work hard on this stuff together.  I sent an email last week about how students shouldn't be contacting me and less than 24 hours later I got emails from two different students from different schools.  I don't do this for love of the job I do it out of a desire to serve the league and help our students get quality competitive experiences but y'all really need to meet me part of the way here.

Other things:

On a positive note, we will be able to single flight in both events and I hope to run at least 3 of those rounds on Friday.  If possible I will try and get a 4th round in Friday evening. 

The schedule will be updated shortly to reflect that.

Judge Entries are Due Thursday at 8:00pm.

Thanks for your attention.

All Registrants of CFL State Quals ParliPF Leland