Millard West Debate Invitational

2017 — NE/US
Subject: Adult Judges Needed
Sender Aarron Schurevich
Recipients All Registrants of Millard West Debate Invitational
Date 29 November 2017 4:59 PM

Text of message:

Hello, all!


I'm taking a look at our provided judges for this weekend, and I'm growing increasingly concerned with just how many judges are entered that simply cannot judge varsity debates. There seem to be a metric ton of "novice only - high school student" judge entries. I totally understand the necessity of this kind of thing occasionally. However, because of the high proportion of those judges we currently have signed up for this weekend, we may be forced to take somewhat drastic measures to ensure a tournament can actually happen this weekend (i.e. we may have to either modify the schedule where that is possible/necessary or be forced to draft coaches who are not already judging in order to make the tournament operational). One day judges are also a significant problem this weekend, but the larger issue is student-judges. Please, please, please help us as much as you can by trying to add adult judges to your entry who can judge novice AND varsity if you have not already done so. 




All Registrants of Millard West Debate Invitational