Millard West Debate Invitational

2017 — NE/US
Subject: Nebraska Novice Case Limits
Sender Brian Murray
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Date 29 November 2017 3:26 PM

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Hello everyone,

We hope you are excited for this weekend. We have one K that is being added to the Novice Case limits. West Des Moines Valley has a biopolitics K that they will be running this weekend. We have asked them to disclose before the round their intention to run the K. It is posted on the wiki (


As a reminder these are the Novice Case Limits:

For the Millard West Debate Invitational we will be following the Nebraska Novice Case Limits. We have set them up a little different than in years past but everything should be outlined below.  


For affirmatives: We have an open disclosure policy. All that is required is teams disclose their affs, advantages, and plan texts. We have only one aff on the Nebraska circuit that doesn't advocate a plan text but it has been accepted as an aff (This team is Omaha-Westside, their affirmative is currently on the Wiki, you wish to read a plan-textless affirmative we ask you disclose the advocacy statement, thesis of the aff, and be open to answer any questions about the aff. Please alert us of a plan-textless aff so we can be sure to notify everyone so novices can feel prepared for this tournament and all rounds they go into. This disclosure policy applies to any aff that a novice team has run or may run at this tournament.


In terms of the novice affs that are disclosed. All should be posted to the debate wiki for the various Nebraska teams and we would appreciate it if you all did as well. Hopefully you can do this no later than the Monday of the tournament so everyone has a chance to spend the week preparing. That week we willpublish the list of entries which should help give everyone an idea what will be there. Upon request we can as well send out an email listing the aff's in case a team isn't on the Wiki but has been disclosed across the Nebraska Circuit. 


For negatives: All disads, topicality, theory, case argument are eligible. The States Counterplan is the only counterplan. As far as kritiks—there are two K’s that are being run in Nebraska this year. Two teams in Nebraska currently run them, Millard South and Omaha-Westside and these K’s will the only Kritiks allowed at the Millard West Debate Invitational. The K’s are Giroux and Freire pedagogy. These kritiks will be posted to the wiki by the Monday of the tournament that way you have a better idea of what those arguments are specifically. This means that if you want to have your novices run a kritik, they need to fit under Freire or Giroux pedagogy and we would be appreciative if they are similar to what is already being ran. If you have a K you want your teams to run and are unsure if they fit under Freire or Giroux pedagogy, please email us so we can resolve this. It would also be appreciated if you post these K’s on the wiki to help everyone prepare so all competitors in Novice policy can have a positive learning experience while at our tournament.  


Remember, these case limits are in place in order to foster growth and development of the novice debaters. We want all competitors to follow these limits to help everyone learn as much about debate as they can during our tournament.


If there are any questions about this policy or just any points of clarification please let us know.


Thank you,

Ryan Wiegert

Head Debate Coach


Brian Murray


Assistant Debate Coach

Schools registered for Millard West Debate Invitational with entries in: Novice Policy Varsity Policy