New York City Invitational Debate and Speech Tournament

2018 — Bronx, NY/US
Subject Congratulations!!!
Sender Kirby Chin
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Sent Sunday 14 October 2018 at 10:20 PM
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On behalf of my co-hosts at Bronx Science, I want to extend an enormous congratulations to all of our Champions!
Lincoln-Douglas, Co-Champions, Linsday Perlman (Byram Hills) & Julia Wu (Lake Highland Prep)
Policy Debate, Reveen Bryant & Lynn Yeboah (North Star Academy)
Public Forum, Sreya Pattipati & Ryan Jiang (Corona del Sol)
Congressional Debate, Sahaj Singh (Southlake Carroll)
Dramatic Interpretation, Kayla Turner (Sacred Heart)
Duo Interpretation, Kevin Landers & Kevin Nowicke (Holy Ghost Prep)
Extemporaneous Speaking, Juliette Reyes (American Heritage Plantation)
Humorous Interpretation, Tanner Hemmingsen (George Washington)
Original Oratory, Jonah Docter-Loeb (Georgetown Day School)
Program Oral Interpretation, Jared Shapiro (Hawken)
Prose/Poetry, Nina Pluviose (St. Joseph's)
Thanks to all of our participants, competitors, coaches and judges, for helping us make this tournament a wonderful success.  It was great pleasure hosting each and every one of you.  We are so honored and grateful you were able to join us this weekend. 


We want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the incredible support of our volunteer alumni, parents and friends, many of whom worked long hours in so many different capacities throughout the weekend.  They are the ones that make this tournament truly special every single year.


Additionally, we are so grateful to have a wonderful, dedicated and thoughtful tabulation staff in each of the events, many of whom have been with us for a long time:
Sheryl Kaczmarek (Lexington) and Jeff Kahn (Strath Haven) in Policy Debate, Jim Menick (no affiliation necessary) and Charlie Sloat (Iona Prep) in LD, Martin Page (Delbarton School) and Nathan Johnston (Trinity Prep) in Public Forum, Willie Warren (East Chapel Hill HS) and Ursula Gruber  (New Trier HS) in Congress, and Joe Vaughan (Scarsdale), Michaela Ablon (Convent of the Sacred Heart), Tom Beck (Pelham Memorial), David Yastremski (Ridge) and Chris Harrow (Ardrey Kell) in Speech.


We look forward to seeing everyone at the XLIX New York City Invitational – October 18-20, 2019!
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