New York City Invitational Debate and Speech Tournament

2018 — Bronx, NY/US
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Sent Wednesday 10 October 2018 at 6:09 PM
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Hello all,

We close to the beginning of the tournament, so I wanted to provide (and reiterate from the invitation) some speech specific information.


1) If you have DEBATE entries as well, you need to register at the Bronx High School of Science before 2:30 PM today. If you only have SPEECH entries, you do not need to come to Bronx Science to register. What you need to do is

- TEXT Joe Vaughan this afternoon between 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM at 914-715-7337. PLEASE DO NOT CALL.

- When you do text, please provide the following information

a) Your School

b) Who you are

c) Whether or not you have any drops or changes. If no changes, say “No Changes”.

Schools that text in registrations can pay at PS 95 in the morning. There will be a someone from Bronx Science there to deal with money.

2) You should make sure to downlowd your codes for your students starting this evening from tabroom. I will have master code breakers posted for students at PS 95 on Saturday.

3) I will publish ALL schematics Friday evening once I have the tournament paired. I hope to have this done by 9 PM

4) The speech competition on Saturday will be at PS 95 in the Bronx. The address is 3961 Hillman Ave, Bronx, NY 10463. The building will be open by 7 AM. There is NO PARKING ON CAMPUS THIS YEAR. If you drive over, you will have to find on street parking.


5) The speech tab room will be 4012.

The extemp prep room will be B008

The judge's lounge will be in 4020.


In terms of the building, the first number is the floor. The three digit rooms are in the main hallway. The four digit rooms are in the annex.


6) There will be a MANDITORY speech meeting for all competitors and judges at 8:45 AM in the Auditorium of the building. When you arrive on Saturday, there is no “check in” except for schools that still owe money. Those folks ought to see the Bronx Science representative after we get Round 1 out. After a quick meeting, we will release the competitors and then have a judge meeting. During the meeting, we will release the round 1 ballots. The ballots for round 2 will be placed at the table outside the tab room. After lunch, we will put out the remaining ballots for the tournament. 

7) Round 1 of Prose Poetry will be PROSE.

8) Students ought to speak in order listed, although judges can shift some kids to deal with multiple entered kids. Double entered extempers will be placed speaking mostly 1st or 2nd in each round (with the occasional 3rd). All other multiple entered students ought to be told to compete in their first category and then move to their second round. If you have a TRIPLE entered child, tell them they must be ON THEIR GAME to move EFFICIENTLY from one round to the next.

9) A reminder for judges that all judges are obligated for ALL rounds of the tournament, including all the elimination rounds on Sunday.

10) Looking at the size of the fields, we will be breaking to a SMALL quarter in OO and EXT, a LARGE semi in DI and normal semis in the other categories.

11) A reminder of the schedule

8:45 a.m. MANDITORY Assembly

9:00 a.m. First Extemp Draw

9:30 a.m. Speech Round I

11:30 a.m. Speech Round II

1:30 p.m. Speech Round III

3:15 p.m. Speech Round IV

5:00 p.m. Speech Round V


8:30 AM Extemp Draw for Quarters and Judge Call for Quarters

9:00 AM QUARTERS (This will not be for all events – At this point, probably only Extemp)



3:00 PM Awards (this time is tentative)


Joe Vaughan

Schools registered for New York City Invitational Debate and Speech Tournament with entries in: Dramatic Interpretation Duo Interpretation Extemporaneous Speaking Humorous Interpretation Original Oratory Program Oral Interpretation Prose and Poetry Individual Events judges