Wyatt November Tournament

2017 — Jeffersontown High School, KY/US
Subject: Reminders
Sender Woody Zorn
Recipients All Registrants of Wyatt November Tournament
Date 17 November 2017 10:40 AM

Text of message:

Greetings once again,

This is just a reminder that the tournament is at JEFFERSONTOWN HIGH SCHOOL.  See the invitation for directions.

I also wanted to thank any schools who have provided extra judges.  I cannot thank you enough.  If you find extra judges, please email me their names, and I will enter them.  I also want to point out, judges will not be allowed to judge their own school in LD or PF, unless both sides are from the same school.  

One last note, if your team needs to communicate with me, it would be ideal if you could be the one to communicate.  I am getting far too many emails from students.  


Woody Zorn

All Registrants of Wyatt November Tournament