GGSA Policy Debate 2

2017 — CA/US
Subject Info for GGSA #2 Saturday 11/11/17
Sender Laila McClay
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Sent Friday 10 November 2017 at 8:25 AM
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Please see below message from GGSA Debate Director Nick Abbott for logistics details for tomorrow. If you have entries on Joy as well, this will be a repeat message:


Looking forward to a great tournament on Saturday at DVC. Below are some logistics information and other points:
First, thank you to Robert and Blake for hosting this tournament at DVC. Robert and Blake, can you respond to this email and identify the closest campus parking lot to the rooms reserved for the tournament.
Other logistics (coaching assignments, campus directions and key rooms, wifi, campus map):
1) Coaching assignments for assisting with tab room and judges room:
Are there any volunteers for morning or afternoon shifts (need two coaches each shift for judges room and tab room)?  If there are no volunteers I will assign by school.
2) Campus directions and key rooms:
There is a campus map attached here
The street address is:
The key rooms are:
Students: Cafeteria
Judges Lounge: PAC Auditorium – Judges Lounge
Tabrooms: PAC 106, 105 (near the judges lounge)
Judges Food:  PAC 101, 102 
3) Wifi:
The wifi passsword is:
Login: DVC guest 
Password: bspc
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