Hamilton Hullabaloo

2018 — Sussex, WI/US
Subject: Hullabaloo Update!
Sender Adriane Sendzik
Recipients All Registrants of Hamilton Hullabaloo
Date Thu, Mar 22, 2018 at 8:46 AM

Text of message:

With Hamilton splitting into two teams in order to compete against each other, we will have 13 teams and 230 entries for Saturday's meet. It is a nice-sized tournament for us as we host our first invite. This does mean we are tight on judges, so please let us know any drops of entries/judges as soon as possible. You drop them online until Friday at noon. Doing this will go a long way in helping us run a smooth tournament. 

Also, remember to check-in ASAP (by 7:30a) on Saturday by texting any drops to 262-893-1753 (Barry). 


Two major changes:

We have re-ordered the number of entries that qualify for each team award. By doing this, every team with 6 or more entries will go home with a team trophy on Saturday. I think that is better than throwing trophies away, which is what would have happened with the numbers we originally posted. The new categories are Small Team (6-11 entries based on quality), Medium Team (12-22 based on quality), and Large Team (23+ based on total points). I know it's not ideal to change this after registration, but I hope you appreciate the spirit in which we made this decision: send kids home happy. 

The judges' lounge has a change in menu. In an attempt to make lunch service easier for the judges, the Gouda Girls have put together a mac and cheese Bar for you featuring their original mac with 6 topping for the guests to customize their serving: bacon, andouille sausage, green onions, chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese (more cheese!), buttered bread crumbs. 

See you this weekend!

All the best,




All Registrants of Hamilton Hullabaloo