Hamilton Hullabaloo

2018 — Sussex, WI/US
Subject: Hamilton Hullabaloo!
Sender Adriane Sendzik
Recipients All Registrants of Hamilton Hullabaloo
Date Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 11:07 AM

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We are excited to welcome you all to the 1st Annual Hamilton Hullabaloo! 

Please direct your students to hamiltonhullabaloo.com so that they can get excited for our special event. Under "features" the website gives a preview of impromptu questions, categories for extemp/radio, and other exciting events. 

The menu for both competitors and judges is posted there as well. Be advised: it is vegetarian friendly but not vegan or dairy allergy/intolerance friendly. Make sure your kids are aware of this as they plan their lunches for the weekend. As we grow in future years, we will look to add another food truck that has vegan options as well!

WE ARE RUNNING NOVICE POETRY and PROSE. Please sign your kids up for those categories if this is their first year in forensics, no matter their year in high school.

Registration: The deadline to add/drop students is tomorrow, Wednesday 3/21 at 5:00pm. Coaches will be able to drop students or change student names on tabroom.com until Friday 3/23 at noon, but drops after the Wednesday deadline will not affect your judging obligations or entry fees. 

Check-in: Please check in the morning of the tournament AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, but no later than 7:30a. You can do this by texting 262-893-1753 (Barry). In the text include your school's name and any drops with the student's name and code. If you have no drops, please check-in by confirming that you have no drops.


Hamilton DROP: HA1 Babe Oinkers



Buses: Teams should enter on the south side of the building, the side of the building closest to the football field. The registration table will be located at the tab room, which is on the way to the judges' lounge.

Payment: Please make checks payable to "Hamilton Forensics." Checks processed after the tournament can be mailed to

Hamilton High School

c/o Barry Holloway

W220 N6151 Town Line Road

Sussex, WI 53089

All Registrants of Hamilton Hullabaloo