Maize High Debate Invitational

2017 — KS/US
Subject Maize - Last Email - Hopefully
Sender Curtis Shephard
Recipients All Registrants of Maize High Debate Invitational
Sent Thursday 30 November 2017 at 8:23 AM
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Good Morning

I have enabled online registration to turn on tomorrow morning at 7:00 am.  Once you know that all of your kids, and judges will be here, please log in to tabroom and confirm your entry.  I will not be making any schedules until everyone is confirmed onsite.  

All of the schedules will be on tabroom, I will not be posting paper copies around the building.

A guest wireless network will be available.  You, and your students are allowed to use it.  Email chains are encouraged instead of flashing.  The login and password for the usd266-guest network is "debate"   (no quotation marks).  

Round 1 is VERY tight on judges, coaches may be asked to help take a ballot for that round.  Apologies in advance.

Because varsity is as small as it is, I will either break straight to sems, or do a partial quarters with just one judge.  We'll see how things are looking at the end of prelims and go from there.  

I do not have a registration packet for you.  If I have attended your tournament, and have not paid you, please just trade me the entries.  Otherwise, I will be in my room, and you can pay me tomorrow, or put a check in the mail.  

I have a lot of medals and trophies to give out, looking forward to hosting you all this weekend.

Curtis Shephard

All Registrants of Maize High Debate Invitational