Hoosier Invitational Tournament

2018 — Bloomington, IN, IN/US
Subject HIT 2018: Payment Link
Sender Brian DeLong
Recipients All Registrants of Hoosier Invitational Tournament
Sent Wednesday 17 January 2018 at 9:42 PM
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Hi Everyone,

The payment link for the Indiana Debate tournament this weekend is below. If you are paying by check after the tournament, please login and enter your information. You will receive an invoice in your email. 

A) You do not need to send me your paid receipt, I receive an email copy when you complete your payment
B) Please pay careful attention to the check payment process. I personally cannot handle checks or cash at the tournament site. You will have to mail it in. It's annoying but a good way to protect our program from any financial issues. 
C) Some of you are new programs or you are in financial distress. I will have a code for the reduced price for the programs who have contacted me. 


“All registrants MUST complete the online payment form at [link].  If paying by check, select the pay-later option, and be sure to include a copy of your confirmation email with your payment. All checks must be made out to “Indiana University”, and must reference event #IUB-18-73 and the registrant name on the check stub/memo.  ALL CHECK PAYMENTS MUST BE MAILED TO THE LOCKBOX ADDRESS ON YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  NO PAYMENTS CAN BE ACCEPTED ON SITE.”



All Registrants of Hoosier Invitational Tournament