Brooklyn Middle School 106

2017 — NY/US
Subject Extemp Questions for MS Friday 10/6
Sender K.M. (DiCo) DiColandrea
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Sent Friday 29 September 2017 at 9:18 AM
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Hey folks,


I didn't hear back from anyone with extemp questions for Middle School this time, so I wrote what I thought are some basic questions for baby extempers. Four per category so that they can prep a lot of this before the tournament. They will still draw 3 and choose 1. Please share these questions with any extempers you are registering. Remember they are allowed to use internet during prep  (I have computers they can use in the prep room) and their notebooks during a speech. Time is 5 minutes with 30 second grace.






Round 1: Domestic

  • Is Donald Trump doing a good job as president?

  • Is the U.S. doing enough to support Puerto Rico?

  • Is the U.S. safe from cyber-attacks?

  • Will Trump’s travel bans make the United States safer?

Round 2: Foreign

  • Should the global community be concerned about North Korea?

  • Can Venezuela get back on track in supporting its people?

  • Can Mexico rebound from the recent earthquakes?

  • Should the international community be doing more to prevent global warming?

Round 3: Social Issues

  • Is Trump doing enough to distance himself from White Supremacist groups?

  • Are the protests of NFL players during the national anthem accomplishing anything?

  • Should states remove statues depicting Confederate soldiers?

  • Are colleges effectively handling sexual assault on campus?

All Registrants of Brooklyn Middle School 106