Trevian Invitational former New Trier Season Opener

2017 — New Trier HS - Winnetka, IL/US
Subject New Trier tournament!
Sender David Weston
Recipients All Registrants of Trevian Invitational former New Trier Season Opener
Sent Monday 2 October 2017 at 1:41 PM
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We are looking forward to seeing everybody this weekend! Here are a few important reminders as we run up to the tournament.

Judge Prefs – will open tomorrow and remain open until 10:00 PM on Friday, 10/6. If for some reason you have judge changes, please let me know ASAP so that I can make the changes before people start to do their preference sheets. Some programs are still missing rounds. 

If your judges do not have judge philosophies, please make sure that they are uploaded by tomorrow morning. Schools bringing judges without philosophies will not have their preferences honored.

Morning meeting – due to the number of events happening at the school on Saturday, I’d like to have a meeting in the morning before round 1. This will happen in the Trevian Commons where students can get a light breakfast. Please try to have your students present for the meeting. It will begin around 8:15 AM just before the release of the pairings.

Forms – All programs must submit audio forms for their students and a tournament enrollment form. Those can be found on our tabroom page. If you have not emailed your forms to me or uploaded them onto Tabroom, please do so before the tournament starts. Additionally, schools where an employee is not going to serve as the chaperone must fill out a non-school chaperone form.

Entering the building – Please use the northwest entrance to the building. It is marked by a star on the attached image. Our administration has been very clear with use that we need to avoid testing entrances on Saturday 10/7. Additionally, if your program is bringing a school bus student drop off and pick up must take place on Essex road or at the northwest entrance. The school has an agreement with neighbors that school buses will not pick up and/or drop off at the Winnetka avenue entrance.

Please email me at: with any questions throughout the week.


See you Saturday!

All Registrants of Trevian Invitational former New Trier Season Opener