Trevian Invitational former New Trier Season Opener

2017 — New Trier HS - Winnetka, IL/US
Subject Trevian Invitational Deadline
Sender David Weston
Recipients All Registrants of Trevian Invitational former New Trier Season Opener
Sent Thursday 28 September 2017 at 10:14 AM
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Dear coaches,

Thank you for supporting our tournament. We are honestly thrilled to have so many great programs coming to our Winnetka campus for a fantastic weekend of debate! With that in mind, please be advised that our deadline for drops/fees is tomorrow (9/29) at 7:00 PM (EDT). 

What does that mean? 

- If you make any drops to your registration after this time, then your program will be charged a registration fee and a drop fee. 

- Your program is responsible for all judging needed based on tomorrow night's entries regardless of whether you drop a team after the deadline.

- Programs must put in the appropriate number of judges to fulfill their team obligation. 

Our plan is to open judge preferences early next week. Please be sure that all of your judges have philosophies posted on Tabroom or the Judge Philosophies wiki. I have gone through the judge list and emailed folks who were missing things, but it is possible that I may have missed one or two. Schools who bring judges without philosophies will not have their preferences honored. 

I will send a follow up email next week when judge preferences open and provide some additional details about which entrance to use, etc. I know that moving to our Winnetka campus changes the dynamic of the tournament up, but we believe that it will make for a more hospitable environment for all competitors and judges.

See you soon!

Dave Weston

New Trier 

All Registrants of Trevian Invitational former New Trier Season Opener