Heart of Texas Invitational

2017 — Dallas, TX/US
Subject 2017 HOT - Blowing up the Hoe Down
Sender Tim Mahoney
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Sent Saturday 7 October 2017 at 6:03 PM
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The voting came back decisively that 2 teams from each pod should clear. Pretty split on the Sunday night vs Monday morning question so we are going to go with Monday morning because I really felt like last it just finished too late. 

As a part of the process I received some feedback that everything would be better if we just

switch it to a regular tournament: 6 rounds, break to quarters, power matching after rd 2. 4 rounds on Saturday, 4 rounds on Sunday, 1 round on Monday morning.

1) Only one judge per debate. Makes it easier for us to find judges and easier for schools to handle the commitment.
2) Ranking of teams is so arbitrary pods are always going to be imbalanced. Power matching is a better way to do it.
3) More time for disclosure, feedback, pre round prep.
I'm strongly considering doing this. If I did it we will still have one debate on monday morning. I will reduce each schools hoe down judge commitment from seven rounds to four.
This won't increase the number of teams we allow into the tournament. 32 teams is based on how much space we have on campus and it's literally zero sum with other events.
Please give me feedback on this as soon as possible. I will make a final decision on all of this and post a schedule no later than Monday night.
Just to be clear no matter which system we go with there will be finals on Monday morning with a scheduled start time of 9:30 am after the Senior's Speaker Breakfast which all of the Sophomore Hoe Down participants are invited to.
Thanks for your patience with me as I try to create the best possible experience for coaches, judges and students.
Schools registered for Heart of Texas Invitational with entries in: HD