Heart of Texas Invitational

2017 — Dallas, TX/US
Subject 2017 HOT - Overflow hotel
Sender Tim Mahoney
Recipients All Registrants of Heart of Texas Invitational
Sent Friday 22 September 2017 at 2:40 PM
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The Sheraton is sold out. If you have to cancel rooms there are people who want them so please post on ndca-l@lists.debatecoaches.org to see if you can transfer your rooms to someone.

Our overflow hotel is the Crowne Plaza in Addison. It's about 2 miles from our tournament hotel and about a 15 minute drive from St. Mark's.

Here is the booking info the Crowne Plaza sent me:

Please have all attendees make their reservations by 10-3-17”, in order to secure your room block. Have them call 972-980-8877push for reservations, and request the group rate for the Heart of Texas Invitational, or ask for block code SMS.


For those who wish to make reservations online, please give them the following instructions:

*The 3 letter booking code is SMS and the cutoff date is 10-3-17.

*To book on line have the guest click on the link www.cpgalleria-nr.crowneplaza.com

*Click on the calendar and choose the dates they need to reserve (day in and day out).

*Next, have them go under the dates and click “more options”.

*Last, have the guest enter the 3-letter code under Block Code (for example the 3 LETTER CODE as shown above).

*Click on book, once the dates and block code have been entered.

*They will then see what availability we have, and can move forward booking their reservation.


Or, use the following booking link and follow the above directions for date changes:  Heart of Texas Invitational Debate booking link



**Please note this link is not mobile device friendly and is best accessed via desktop or laptop computer group rate accuracy.**

All Registrants of Heart of Texas Invitational