Heart of Texas Invitational

2017 — Dallas, TX/US
Subject 2017 HOT - a few quick notes
Sender Tim Mahoney
Recipients Schools registered for Heart of Texas Invitational with entries in: HD LD PD
Sent Friday 8 September 2017 at 2:21 PM
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Things are a bit chaotic as I'm overwhelmed with entries in LD, CX and the Hoe Down, we have construction on campus which effects room availability, and we try to help make accommodations for people impacted by the massive storms. Please help me give you the best possible tournament experience by:

1) Sending me some proof that your payment is in process. A copy of a PO, a copy of a ciheck request, a copy of an actual check request, a picture of a check, something. You can email pacedebate@gmail.com or fax 425-740-9160. This deadline has passed and so I'm trying to clear up who thought they might attend and so created a placeholder slot and who actually is going to show up.

2) Remove TBA and put actual names with your entries.

3) Remove CX teams that don't have a legit chance to go 3-3. 

4) If you have been impacted by the storms or you think you know of schools that probably want to attend but this is so far off their radar they might not be dealing with it right now drop me an email. I'm holding some slots for people in this situation and I get that planning for it is going to be imperfect out of necessity but any info I can get to help plan is appreciated.


thanks in advance for your assistance and good luck to those who are hosting and competing this weekend!





Schools registered for Heart of Texas Invitational with entries in: HD LD PD