Rowan County Harlen Hamm Middle School Tournament

2018 — Hindman, KY/US
Subject: Last minute reminders
Sender Ryan Brown
Recipients All Registrants of Rowan County Harlen Hamm Middle School Tournament
Date 26 January 2018 10:15 AM

Text of message:

Hello, coaches!

I wanted to give you a few last minute reminders. This should be the last message you get from me until the tournament begins; that it unless there is something I have forgotten to tell you!

You can drop or make subs yourself until today at three-o'clock in the afternoon. After this time, registration will be frozen until the morning of the tournament. I will take care of all drops and other changes in the morning.

I think you will be pleased to see that I have made the rounds as small as possible. There are only a handful of rooms with six entries, and most rooms have only five entries. 

Knott County Central High School is running the concession stand, and all proceeds go to their speech team. So, please encourage your kids to eat lunch out of concessions to support the KCC team!

Remember that Broadcast students will need to bring a prepared script for round 2. Round 1 and finals scripts are provided by the tournament.

In Improv. Duo, the first round will have humorous prompts, the second round will have serious prompts, and the final round will be humorous.

In Extemp, round 1 will be US economy, round 2 will be US foreign policy, and finals will be international issues.

If you need to call me, my phone number is 606-776-5089. Have a safe trip to Hindman, and I look forward to seeing you!

Ryan Brown

All Registrants of Rowan County Harlen Hamm Middle School Tournament