Berkeley High School Parli Invitational

2018 — Berkeley, CA/US
Subject Update re 3/17 BHS tournament
Sender Joel Jacobs
Recipients All Registrants of Berkeley High School Parli Invitational
Sent Sunday 11 March 2018 at 9:09 PM
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Dear Coaches:

Facebook. We have a Facebook page, where you will find resolutions and other important announcements:

Equity. The page contains a link to the equity form, where participants can communicate concerns about discrimination, unfair treatment, or other violations of community norms. Judith Barish will be the designated equity officer at the tournament.

Saturday Morning. Like last year, registration will be in the library, which will also be the judges' room. Prep will be in the cafeteria.

Please arrive early, to allow time to find parking, and avoid a last-minute rush on registration. We are hoping to run on time again this year, but cannot do it without your help.

Judges.  We have moved up the judge registration date by one day, to March 14, to ensure that we have enough time to find additional judges if not enough are registered.

We have also decided against using a separate judge pool for each division. There will be a single pool for both divisions of debate, although judges with notes indicating experience, or lack thereof, will likely judge open division and novice division respectively. Judges who have judged multiple tournaments will also be restricted to open division rounds.


We are encouraging the use e-ballots, so please make sure your judges are linked to Tabroom accounts, and that they bring devices to use.

Challenge Rounds. We have also added a link on the right side of the main page on to the sign up form for challenge rounds. Students can also sign up here

So far no one has signed up for challenge rounds. Please remind your debaters about this unusual opportunity to debate against any team at the tournament.

Finals. The list of tiebreakers for determining the finalists is posted on Tabroom as well. 

Topics. The topic committee (Emma Barton, Artem Raskin, Henry Weikel and me) is hard at work selecting topics. We will not announce topic areas in advance of the tournament. There will be at least one fact, value, and policy topic.


We have enough rooms reserved to accommodate additional teams, so please let us know if you'd like to add entries.

We are looking forward to hosting you on March 17!


Joel Jacobs and the Berkeley High team

All Registrants of Berkeley High School Parli Invitational