Isidore Newman School Invitational

2017 — New Orleans, LA/US
Subject: Tournament logistics at Newman
Sender Greg Malis
Recipients All Registrants of Isidore Newman School Invitational
Date Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 8:19 AM

Text of message:

Dear Coaches,

There are some important features of our campus that many of you know because you have attended before. However, we also have a number of new coaches and new schools, as well as veteran coaches who may want a reminder. There is also some new information below that is critical for all of our guests to know before coming to campus on Friday. Please share relevant information with your students, judges, and other adults in your group.

1. We do not have a parking lot. We are in the middle of residential neighborhood. Most of our faculty park on the streets nearby, and all of our students who drive park on the streets nearby. You will also need to park cars and vans in the streets nearby. Please be mindful not to park too close to driveways and intersections. If you are staying at a hotel near St. Charles Ave, you may wish to consider taking the St. Charles Ave streetcar to and from the tournament. It costs $1.25 per person and runs every 10-15 minutes (in theory). Newman is about 3 blocks from the streetcar line on Jefferson Ave. Parking will be a major issue on Friday afternoon, but less so on Saturday.

2. [New procedure this year]. When you, your students, other coaches, and judges arrive on Friday afternoon, you must enter the campus on the south side of the campus at the Henson Auditorium. The address of the Henson Auditorium is 5333 Danneel St. All coaches and competitors must enter through the auditorium. Students may sit in the auditorium or may wait in the foyer. Registration takes place in the Art Gallery nearby. From 3:00 to 5:00, we will have a temporary coaches’ and judges’ lounge set up in Lemle 138 (the coaches’ lounge will move to its permanent location between 5:00 and 6:00). Lemle 138 is the classroom closest to the auditorium. Note: If you park on the north, east, and west sides of campus, you will need to walk around to the south entrance off Danneel. This entrance is for Friday only due to school being in session when registration begins.

3. After school lets out at 3:00, contestants may move to the Dining Hall to gather prior to Round 1 pairings. Coaches and judges may join them or wait in our temporary hospitality area in Lemle 138.

4. The hospitality room for coaches and judges will move to Aronson Hall in the Lower School after 5:00 on Friday.

5. The Dining Hall is simply not large enough to accommodate all of the contestants. After 3:00, students may use the patio outside of the Dining Hall or the Student Commons (inside the Saratoga building) as overflow. Any warmups need to wait until 3:00 when school is dismissed.

6. Due to security procedures at Newman, after 3:00. on Friday and for the remainder of the tournament, the ONLY entrance that tournament guests can use is the gate on Jefferson Ave. This entrance is between the main entrance to the school and the Dining Hall. All other entrances will be locked throughout the weekend. Even if you park on the north and south ends of campus (near either Loyola Ave or Danneel St), you need to walk around the school to enter through that gate. For security reasons, we want everyone to enter and exit through a single entrance.

7. Uptown New Orleans is in the midst of a multi-year drainage project. Many of the major streets that are perpendicular to the Mississippi River have experienced significant construction. One of the areas currently affected is Jefferson Ave directly in front of the school. You will not be able to stop and/or drop people off on Jefferson.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience the unique circumstances of this tournament may create. Some are unique to this year (e.g., construction). Some happen every year (e.g., lack of parking, cafeteria being too small). We will do everything we can to make up for those inconveniences by hosting a great tournament with diverse competition on our beautiful campus.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the logistics outlined above.

Thank you,

Greg and Alma

All Registrants of Isidore Newman School Invitational