7th Annual Robert Garcia Invitational

2017 — Mountain View, CA/US
Subject Garcia Info for Coaches and Judges
Sender Sam Haley-Hill
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Sent Friday 15 September 2017 at 3:21 PM
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Hello! Thanks once again for attending our tournament. 

As per our schedule, we will open registration at 7am and aim to begin round 1 at 9am. Although we will technically not close registration until the round begins, everything will run much more smoothly if you aren't trying to register at 8:59, particularly if you have drops or changes. 

If you are a coach, please come to the registration table at the Sobrato Learning commons. If you are a judge, we do not need you to register personally; your coach can do it on your behalf.  We will ask coaches to present a check for their entry fees and to confirm that their students and judges are onsite.

Students should report to the Malcolm Center (our cafeteria) and get ready for their debates. Students are not permitted in the Sobrato Commons during the tournament; that is a sacred space for coaches and judges to unwind and enjoy coffee and snacks. 

There should be ample parking around campus, both at the front and around both sides. 

For your convenience, here is a folder that contains the tournament invite (including the schedule) along with a campus map that is marked with key locations for the tournament:


Students from our program will be all over the campus. You should be able to spot them because they have been instructed to wear St. Francis shirts. These kids will be happy to help you find your way.

On the Sobrato Porch, you will find a table with paper copies of the map and a student who is empowered to deploy her minions to help you solve problems. You will find the same inside the judge area. 

We will be serving complimentary lunch on the porch of the Sobrato Commons to all competitors, judges and coaches. In the past, people seem to have enjoyed the food. Hospitality is a part of our Holy Cross tradition, so we make an effort to serve tasty things. There are vegetarian options. 

Please note that, if possible, we will be accelerating our schedule. Because we want to get you all home as soon as possible, we will start rounds early if we can. This means that you should avoid leaving campus if possible. If you must leave campus, please do not assume that the schedule will remain static. Please monitor Tabroom and consider using its live updates function so that you will receive a text or email when each pairing comes out. 

Please pass the relevant portions of this on to your students. Thanks once again for participating in our tournament. We are truly pleased to have you. 

All Registrants of 7th Annual Robert Garcia InvitationalPolicy Judges judges LD Judges judges PF Judges judges