7th Annual Robert Garcia Invitational

2017 — Mountain View, CA/US
Subject 7th Annual Robert Garcia Invitational Registration
Sender Sam Haley-Hill
Recipients All Registrants of 7th Annual Robert Garcia Invitational
Sent Saturday 9 September 2017 at 9:40 AM
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Greetings Treasured Colleagues,

Thanks for your participation in the 7th annual RGI. We are thrilled to be hosting so many fine folks. We will do our very best to provide a quality experience for all involved. Thanks in advance for the patience and cooperation we may have to ask of you in order to keep things moving. 

As registration has taken shape, we have made a few changes with the aim of maximizing the experience for everyone. We have abandoned the dream of single-flighting LD and PF, and therefore have been able to clear the waitlist in PF and ease our judging requirements.

If you now have extra judges who are salty about no longer being needed to judge, please let me know because I would love to hire them. They should feel free to email me at samhaley-hill@sfhs.com.

Now the bad news: we are at maximum capacity and, barring late drops, will be unable to take any additional entries from the wait list. 

Please note that the deadline for any changes to your entry as well as for supplying the names of your judges is Wednesday, 9/13 at 6pm. TBA names and missing judges definitely need to be resolved by this time. Please make sure that all judges have a tabroom account and are familiar with the procedure for using tabroom's online ballot system. While we are happy to assist judges who run into problems, we will forgo a formalized judge instruction session in order to get things running as quickly as possible. Please prepare your judges accordingly. Perhaps having them review this document will help: http://staging.tabroom.com/ndt/CATDownloads/online-ballots.pdf


Thanks very much. Expect more email from me in the coming days. 

All Registrants of 7th Annual Robert Garcia Invitational