Arizona State HDSHC Invitational

2018 — Tempe, AZ/US
Subject: ASU tournament 3 weeks away
Sender Adam Symonds
Recipients All Registrants of Arizona State HDSHC Invitational
Date Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 10:37 AM

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Greetings all,

Just a few notes in advance of the HDSHC Invitational January 5 to keep things moving smoothly.
1. Reminder: teams stay on the waitlist until we receive payment or Purchase Order. But, based on our entries and rooms, we anticipate everyone will get in. Payment details are here:
2. ALL Judges must have an active account. This is the only way to receive ballots
3. Schools with competitors in Varsity CX, LD, and PF will receive preferences for their competitors if, and only if, their entered judges have Paradigms on
4. Congress Legislation had a slight hold up, we will have it up today or tomorrow.

Questions? Email us at

Thanks, and we look forward to hosting you all next year!

Adam Symonds, Director

All Registrants of Arizona State HDSHC Invitational