Lions Classic Extemp Invitational

2017 — Moore, OK/US
Subject: Early arrivals
Sender Ishmael Kissinger
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Date 17 February 2017 8:22 AM

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I know a lot of us have situations that may result in you arriving early.  I don't mind that at all!  For your safety you may not want to arrive between 3:00-3:20p, high school students drive recklessly when school is out.   If you arrive before 2:45pm please go to the LECTURE CENTER after you check in at the main office (East side of the school). 

Buses and vans can be parked in the main parking lot on the South-side of school.  If you can't find parking before 2:45pm try the church to the south of the school just until the parking lot clears out.

If I forgot something, give me a call/text, I have a sick toddler at home and I was up all night :(    so I am not really with it today.  Wishing you safe travels,


Ishmael Kissinger

Speech & Debate

Moore HS


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