Lions Classic Extemp Invitational

2017 — Moore, OK/US
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Sender Ishmael Kissinger
Recipients All Registrants of Lions Classic Extemp Invitational
Date Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 5:06 PM

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Dear all - 

Times:  The schedule is going to be the one that is listed online, I will be using the time slot for semi-finals, which is not going to happen, to run "Round 4".  This means all of your students are guaranteed 4 rounds and finals.  None of the events had enough entries to justify a semi-finals.   For clarification: the finals round will be using the finals topics.  I will make the Semi-Final questions available after the tournament for you personally to use as practice questions for your classrooms.

Judging: If you have any judges that are neutral to your students and/or school that you could bring, I would really appreciate that.  Because we are a small group, it's inevitable that all of our judging is going to get dirty real quick. 

Weather -  I will keep you posted on this, however, my district policy will dictate whether or not I am able to host this tournament.  Be praying, hoping, or meditating positive vibes and warm weather patterns.

Last: Please check your entries to make sure they are correct.

Here are the question topic areas (remind your students):



Round 1: Politics in the age of Trump

Round 2: US Foreign Policy

Round 3: Energy and the Environment

Round 4: Social Issues

Semis: The Obama Legacy

Finals: Business and Technology



Round 1: Asia

Round 2: Europe

Round 3: Middle East

Round 4: Africa

Semis: Americas

Finals: International Relations



Round 1: US Politics

Round 2: Global Hotspots

Round 3: US Economics

Round 4: Foreign Economics

Semis: US Social 

Finals: Foreign Policy

All Registrants of Lions Classic Extemp Invitational