The Girls Invitational

2016 — San Jose, CA/US
Subject: Announcements for Girls' Invitational 11/30
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Date Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 3:17 PM

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Hello Everyone,


A few important announcements before Sunday!



To clarify, we will be using the following rules regarding Parli and prep for Sunday's tournament: Speeches are 7 7 7 7 5 5 (7 minute constructives, 5 minute rebuttals).  Internet prep is allowed, and students may bring any material they wish for preparation.  The only materials allowed to be used in rounds are notes written during prep (so all pre-written cases and briefs must be transcribed, there are no computers in round).  Students should prep only with their partner in order to allow for fairest debates for small schools (aka no team or coach prep).  Questions can be asked in any speech (first and last minute protected time), Points of Order in rebuttals only.


Visting information:

There is parking available at ND in the lot between 2nd and 3rd on Reed Street.  If this lot fills, we can open up an additional lot on campus on 3rd Street.  There should be ample parking for all.  


Registration will occur in the foyer of the Manley building, which is the large building that you see from that main lot.  The rounds/forum/lunch will all occur within that building.

Here's a map of campus:

The wifi information:

Network: Vistors

PW: welcome!

Available food will be both veggie and gluten-free friendly!


Media Release:

Please have all students complete this media release so that pictures taken at the tournament can be used for NSDA and social media coverage.  Adults do not need a release since they can consent themselves to having their picture/likeness taken.

These forms will be turned in during registration.


Thank you, and again, we look forward to hosting you this Sunday!


Sarah Botsch-McGuin  & Julie Herman

Tournament Directors





All Registrants of The Girls Invitational