The Girls Invitational

2016 — San Jose, CA/US
Subject: Additional Round for Girls' Invite
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Date Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 4:22 PM

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Hello Everyone,


Given the size of entry, we have students enough for 3 pods each of Varsity and Novice.  So to make the most fair tournament possible, we will be adding a round.  There will now be a semi-final that will occur from 5-6pm and the final from 6-7pm.  The top team in each division (determined by wins and speaks) will bye to the final round, and the remaining top 2 of the pods will debate in the semi-final to determine who will also compete in finals.


To maximize judging of the tournament, we will be asking varsity that have a bye to assist in judging novice rounds.  This will allow for more time to meet younger students who they can mentor and will also free the college and adult judges to judge more of the varsity rounds.  NFL points are available for varsity who judge rounds, so that's an additional bonus incentive.  Everyone wins!


We are finalizing the cross school/pairing people up who are singletons.  For single students from the same school, we mostly just paired them up as possible, but please let me know if that would be a problem.


We are very excited to see everyone at NDSJ this Sunday!


All the best,

Sarah Botsch-McGuinn and Julie Herman




All Registrants of The Girls Invitational