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2016 — Belton, MO/US
Subject: Belton IE6 Post Tournament
Sender Steven Ellis
Recipients All Registrants of Belton IE6
Date Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 12:19 PM

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I hope you and your students had an enjoyable experience this past weekend here in Belton. 


I have heard from a couple of coaches asking about auto posting which I must apologize as it seems I missed that students were required to be linked to your NFL students before Tuesday. Come to find out that in order for the system to autopost results students needed to be added to your NFL roster on the site and then linked in tabroom before Tuesday. I've already reached out to tabroom staff asking about how it all worked as it wasn't very clear in the instructions and that I'm not thrilled about it;I apologize for this over sight. The staff did mentioned that if you pushed against the National office that you might be able to get one of their stuff to use our result sheets to enter the points for you. Lesson learned and next year, I'll help communicate that better. 


Again, thank you all truly for attending the first IE6. In the years to come, I hope with your support and encouragement to other coaches we'll get more schools to attend which will prevent schools from judging their own entries like we had to do this year and provide a more diverse experience. I hope both you and your students found this to be a worthwhile and educational endeavor. I welcome all feedback you'd like to provide along with any input or thoughts you have for how we can improve this tournament for next year such as going to a one day 6 round or event changes or simply that you loved it and don’t want us to change a thing.   


Please work on submitting and getting payment to us as quickly as you can, your attention to this is appreciated. If you need another invoice you can print one from tabroom or I can also email you one as well. 

Respectfully yours in education,

Belton Speech and Debate




All Registrants of Belton IE6