Belton IE6

2016 — Belton, MO/US
Subject: Belton IE6 Update - 10/25
Sender Steven Ellis
Recipients All Registrants of Belton IE6
Date Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 6:40 PM

Text of message:


We are excited to have you Back To Belton this weekend! Wanted to send you a couple of updates on the tournament.

1.     Important rooms:

o   Library: Coaches Lounge/Tab

o   Library: Registration

o   Room 405/407: Coaches/Bus Drivers Hospitality (no student judges, please), extra seating in 405

o   Commons:  Student Lounge

o   Commons:  Student Concessions

o   Hall of Fame Alcove (in commons): Judges table

o   Room 403: Ballot Return (we will have lots of signs)

2.     Events: We will not be hosting OO due to lack of entries. I am open to ideas for other events next year.

3.     Tropical Sno will not be making an appearance.

4.     Results: I will be printing results along the way but tab will not be the same as most tournaments. If you have your own device I will have a Wi-Fi password where you can check results online during the tournament with paper printouts once rounds each round has been tabbed.

o  << This is such a neat program.

5.     Judges:

o   Due to the tournament having a number of large schools but not many schools in attendance there will be student judges, judging their own teams. I tried a number of ways to avoid this; simply it would take using a 1/3 of the judges as Belton student judges and leave a 1/3 of attending judges idle which I do not feel is best.

§  Unfortunately, with not having more schools with average entry sizes this was necessary. Please instruct/coach your student judges that the focus of this tournament is to get experience preforming and to feel more comfortable doing so while getting helpful feedback

o   Comments are expected on the individual ballots for student feedback and growth, these comments need to be constructive.

o   Instruct your students to pick up their ballots at the ballot table each round; knowing their event will speed up this process for everyone this will be on their judge sheet. 

o   Lastly, if you have entries in finals, we’re expecting you to also provide judges for these rounds.  They will be announced before the round begins.

6.     Buses

o   We are hosting a home football game on Friday night. Please have your buses drop off at the main entrance (north side), they will also pick up at the end of the day in this location. Entering the main entrance will lead you directly into the commons. 

o   Parking Friday will be at Mill Creek Upper Elementary. They are connected to us and have full bus lineup spots on the front (east side) of the building. 

o   Saturday, there is bus parking on the back (south side) of the building, there is an entrance on that side to the commons also.

7.     I know you're disappointed about Tropical Sno, so am I.

8.     Entries/Codes:

o   Please go to your Tabroom account to get both judge codes and your entry codes.

o   Upon registration, I will have for you a printout for each of your students and your judges. Each sheet will have listed their events, room numbers and all other details for their entry.  

o   Please DO NOT print any schedules from our website as I will be making adjustments as entries change and you printing ahead of time might not reflect those changes causing issues at the tournament. Thanks.

9.     Decor: Our STUCO organization is hosting a major event the day before our tournament in our building, they are leaving up the decorations for our tournament, which I am very excited to see all their hard work.  Please, remind your students to respect these items.


Anything else?


I am very excited with what we've put together this year, and excited for you to see it come together. This is a great experience for young competitors to get a lot of experience early in the season while having an enjoy weekend. If you have any questions or concerns please email, call or text me as you need too. (

Coach Ellis

All Registrants of Belton IE6