Copper Classic

2017 — Bingham High School, UT/US
Subject: Copper Classic
Sender Hannah Odekirk
Recipients All Registrants of Copper Classic
Date Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 2:02 PM

Text of message:

Hi folks,

Thank you for choosing to come to Copper Classic!  I'm looking forward to hosting you all. 

I know that the entry fees are incorrect, and I'm working on fixing them. For example, the issue with school fees showing up three times has been resolved in the settings, but is still showing up on invoices. I aim to have this all fixed by 3:00 PM on Wednesday. 

Please continue to add teams to the waitlist. The end of the quarter is approaching, so that will probably result in a (hopefully small) number of drops due to grades. Additionally, given that we are still a couple of weeks out I anticipate some natural fluidity in entries. I will continue to remove teams from the waitlist as space becomes available. If you are a team who does not have to travel overnight to attend, please finalize your entries as soon as possible so that those who have to travel can make accurate plans. 

Thank you for your patience, 


Hannah Shoell

All Registrants of Copper Classic