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Subject: Cougar Classic at Chattahoochee - Update #4
Sender Garrett Abelkop
Recipients All Registrants of Chattahoochee Cougar Classic
Date Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 12:19 PM

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A Few Important Updates: 

1) Lincoln Doublas

Unfortunately our entry numbers do not warrant seperate novice and varsity divisions for LD; therefore we will be collapsing into a single Lincoln-Douglas division 

2) Public Forum 

We will be maintaining seperate Novice and Varsity divisions in PF.  

3) Varsity Policy 

The preference sheet for the Varsity Policy division is now open on Tabroom.  It is due on Friday at 2:00PM Eastern. Hopefully we will not need to make any changes, but Bill Batterman or myself will email if any additional judges need to be rated. If you notice any issues, please let us know.

The pref sheet is a 9-tier system with relatively small category sizes (10% of the pool must be 1, 10% must be 2, etc.). Quotas are by round, not by judge (so judges in for 6 rounds are worth 6 units while judges in for 1 round are worth only 1 unit). The categories "trickle down" so that if you assign more than the required units to category 1, you need less units for category 2. Please enter conflicts separately and assign leftover judges 8. You can strike 10% of the pool (category 9). 
The reason for the larger number of categories is that it creates better mutuality. Instead of requiring 30% of the pool to be 1, this system requires 10% to be 1, 10% to be 2, and 10% to be 3 (etc.). A 1-1, 2-2, or 3-3 matchup is much more meaningful in this system than a 1-1 matchup would be in the "normal" system. If you'd prefer to make it easier, you can still assign 30% of the pool 1, 30% of the pool 4, etc. But this system provides a little more flexibility to maximize mutuality.
Thanks and let us know if you have any questions. 
Garrett Abelkop - Tournament Director
Bill Battermain - Policy Tab
Maggie Berthaiume - Policy Tab
Adamin Smiley - PF & LD Tab 
All Registrants of Chattahoochee Cougar Classic