The Meadows Invitational

2016 — NV/US
Subject: Meadows Tournament #3
Sender malcolm gordon
Recipients All Registrants of The Meadows Invitational
Date Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 8:39 AM

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 Hello all-


This is a short update.  We are going to use the judge hiring exchange this year for The Meadows Tournament.  It is not required, but is a very convenient and streamlined way to allow you to access hired judging.  If you have extra rounds available you'd like to offer for sale, this is a great way to connect with people offering hires.  If you hired a limited number of rounds from another judge, and you think they might have more rounds to offer, please tell them to sign up on the hiring exchange.

If you or someone you know have rounds to offer, simply go to your tabroom account page (click on your email in the top right), then under the "Judging" panel on the right hand side of your page, click "offer hired judging rounds."  Select the tournament you are offering rounds at (obviously The Meadows School tournament in this case), then select the number of rounds available.

When people submit their rounds, they won't show up until I approve them. I will check it with some frequency, though.




All Registrants of The Meadows Invitational