KHSSL State Debate Championships Emails

Subject: State Day 2--Thanks---and Tabbing
Sender William Cooper
Recipients All Registrants of KHSSL State Debate Championships
Date Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 10:03 PM

Text of message:

Thank you to everyone for their good spirits today.  I completely understand the difficulties of making it through the start of Flight A to leaving in the evening, and you all have handled it well.

We're in tab determining semifinalists, and they will be posted ASAP this evening.   Posting will be by email here, on tabroom

All judges should be in Funkhouser 200 by 745 to pick up ballots.  Extemp Prep is at 745 in Funkhouser 213.  

Broadcasting Prep is also in Semis.  

Group I (at 8 am) includes DEC, DI, DUO, EX, HI, POE, PRO.

Group II (at 10 am) includes BRD, IMP, IP2, OO, POI, and STO.

Food should be available in Bowman's Den from around 730.  Postings will be made there, in Funkhouser, and on-line.


All Registrants of KHSSL State Debate Championships