KHSSL State Debate Championships Emails

Subject: State T-1.3: Judge Flexibility
Sender William Cooper
Recipients All Registrants of KHSSL State Debate Championships
Date Wed, Mar 9, 2016 at 3:37 PM

Text of message:

I'm doing what I can to keep judges within divisions as registered, but a few judges may end up in other divisions.  

In addition, both Policy Divisions are small and are running Round Robin Style.  I've moved Aaron Whaley and Zach Shinall over to Policy.


When you register tomorrow, you will receive dance cards for your judges and students.  Debaters are going by CODE--not by school and initials.  Please make sure your students have their codes from your registration form (and it will be on Student Dance Cards).  For Debate coaches who are not familiar with the term, Dance Cards are a sheet of paper which gives the rooms/opponents/rooms/judges for all preset rounds.

All Registrants of KHSSL State Debate Championships