Yale Invitational

2009 — US
Subject [TAB] Judges and Opening Meeting
Sender Michael Vigars
Recipients Congress entrants
Sent Friday 2 October 2009 at 8:41 PM
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Greetings, The list of judges for Congressional Debate is currently posted at http://yale.tabroom.com. Additionally, I can now announce that our Opening Meeting for Congressional Debate will be in LC 101 at 8:00am. All competitors and judges should be present at that time. Mike Vigars Director, Congressional Debate Tab ----------------------------- This email was sent via http://www.tabroom.com to: Congress entrants You signed up for this email by registering on tabroom.com. If you don't want to get emails from tabroom.com, login to your tabroom.com account, and either remove yourself from access to your school's chapter, or check off "No Emails" under Account:Settings.