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2009 — US
Subject [TAB] Schedule, ratings, etc
Sender Chris Palmer
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Sent Wednesday 30 September 2009 at 1:20 PM
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Hi Folks! Weather in New Haven this weekend is going to be mild for this time of year -- highs in the mid-60s it looks like. So a lovely New England fall, or Florida deep freeze, depending on your point of view. There is a chance of sporadic showers on Saturday and Sunday, so you may want to bring a light jacket or raincoat or umbrella. There's an updated schedule up on the website that fits onto one printed page. Please go by that and not the one in the back of the invite. We've moved the LD Doubles rounds to Saturday evening, and accelerated the rest of the LD schedule on Saturday, which is a wonderful thing. We'll announce the registration location soon; we have a decent option confirmed but are working on the possibility of a better option today; we'll let you know shortly. Please check your registration just to be sure there's nothing weird about it. Drops are free of nuisance fees until Friday, though at this point registration is frozen so you do owe fees and judging burdens on students who have registered to this point -- we've paid for the rooms and the judges already, which means teenaged flakiness now actually carries a consequence. However, you must report all your drops. When we have kids randomly not show for rounds, we assume the child is in danger or lost, and begin to hunt for them. We're talking serious panic button here. Finding out that the kid was an unreported drop thus harms safety, tab room sanity, and competition and fair paneling. Therefore, there's a absolutely appalling fee for unreported drops. Its size is punitive, arbitrary, and correlates directly to my annoyance and stress level when I find out about the unreported drop. Or, if you're really unlucky, I let Joe Vaughan set it. You don't want to play that game. Please be sure to report your drops as soon as you know of them. Those of you who are happily rating VLD judges should know that there have been some minor shifts in our LD judging pool -- mostly new judges, and one dropped judge. So check them to be sure you have the strikes/ratings you want. They're due tomorrow at 7 PM. Speaking of drops, you can enter them online yourself until tomorrow at 7 PM. After that point you should email them to yale@tabroom.com or call them in/report them at registration on Friday. Do not email them anywhere else (me personally, anyone else on the Yale staff) or call anyone's personal phone number, no matter how much they may be your bestest friend in the world and would certainly take care of this for you just this once. I'm friends with a lot of y'all, and I won't have enough brain cells to take all your changes. If you don't email them in to official channels, it will likely get forgotten and slip through the cracks, and you'll be on the hook for the Ghastly Unreported Drop Fee as described above. I'm sure I've forgotten stuff. I always do. Cheers, -Chris ----------------------------- This email was sent via http://www.tabroom.com to: All Registrants of Yale Invitational You signed up for this email by registering on tabroom.com. If you don't want to get emails from tabroom.com, login to your tabroom.com account, and either remove yourself from access to your school's chapter, or check off "No Emails" under Account:Settings.