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2009 — US
Subject [TAB] General Announcements
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Sent Sunday 27 September 2009 at 7:27 PM
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Hi Folks -- The Yale Invitational Tournament is nearly upon us, which means a week chock full of nagging emails from yours truly. I can feel your excitement already! Zeroth (I didn't feel like renumbering) the schedule on the invitation may change a little. Mostly it will be that JV LD rounds will be somewhat accelerated, starting at 9AM on Saturday and not 10AM, and everything ending earlier. I'll keep you posted when I have everything figured. First is that if you are staying at the Clarion or the La Quinta and need to use the tournament provided transportation, please request tickets on your online registration; log into the Yale tournament and ticket requests are directly above where you enter judges, under "Extras". Shuttle tickets are free but we need to have an accurate count to determine our numbers; request one for each individual student, judge and coach needing transportation. Please request your tickets by 8:00 PM Monday (Tomorrow). Second is that VLD judging information is due TONIGHT at midnight. If your judges are not in, you won't be able to participate in community ratings or early strikes. Please also enter paradigms for judges if you haven't already -- even if it's just a link to a wiki paradigm. Ratings and strikes open online for entry tomorrow night at midnight, and strikes and ratings are due by Thursday at 7 PM. Third is that Policy Debate and Parliamentary rounds do not begin until Saturday. That means that Policy and Parli schools may use the late registration procedures common to Speech and Congress -- late registration on Friday night. There will be a policy common prep room open Friday night too if you want to join us. Fourth, we've had some space open up under our JV LD cap. I know some of you may not have registered kids thinking we wouldn't go under the cap, as we usually don't, but there are some spaces open if you want to bring some more kids. There's a teeny bit of space in PFD as well. VLD's waitlist though is very deep. And finally, stay tuned, because there is no possibility on earth that I remembered everything I needed to announce. That's just how life is sometimes, folks! Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers, Chris Palmer Tab Director ----------------------------- This email was sent via http://www.tabroom.com to: All Registrants of Yale Invitational You signed up for this email by registering on tabroom.com. If you don't want to get emails from tabroom.com, login to your tabroom.com account, and either remove yourself from access to your school's chapter, or check off "No Emails" under Account:Settings.