The Sunflower Invitational KS Novice State

2016 — KS/US
Subject: The Sunflower Invitation: Focus on Judges
Sender Steven Davis
Recipients All Registrants of The Sunflower Invitational KS Novice State
Date Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 1:45 AM

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1.  Head coaches:  Ms. Burgett, Mr. Ellis, and I would like you to take the lead and review/remind your judges and debaters regarding KSHSAA rules governing use of electronic devices in rounds.


Anything rtead electronically needs to be able to be provided to those who ask for it (opponents, judges etc.) in a timely manner, if they have a computer, flash it to them, if they don't and you don't have a viewing computer, you need to let them borrow a laptop to read it from until the beginning of the next speech.



No connection to the internet, period.  If someone alleges wifi connection and a formal protest is made, the host has the right to look at the history page.



Plug ins are not guaranteed in rooms, under NO CIRCUMSTANC ES can you mess-up classrooms to find a plug-in.



No communication with anyone outside of the debate during a debate with any electronic device whatsoever.



KSHSAA rules require that there be no cell phones etc. even for timers, but a lot of folks have to use them, so if they are on airplane mode, that should solve a problem.  Judges, please confirm this with debaters if you see that they are using their cell phones.



FINALLY, under no circumstances can you record (audio and/or video) any portion of the round.




This is an oversight on my part . . . PLEASE contact your judges and see if they have any conflicts against another school attending the Sunflower Invitational.


Several of you already did this under "Coach Notes" when you signed up your judges. 


I understand that this will take some additional time on your part, but any info regarding conflicts I can take care of before NOON on Friday, will go a long way towards making the tournament run smoother.


Next year, doing something about this when judges are signed up in will be on the list of





YES, I realize it is way to late to get true paradigms for judges to publish.  And would even the best of our novices be able to interpret many paradigms that we have seen?  But, that doesn't mean that I don't think that providing some information for debaters would not be a nice thing to provide them their "state" tournament.


If you agree, and you can find 5+ minutes in your already busy schedule, would you consider the following:


Send me an email.  List school, list judges.  For each judge provide some simple insight, infomation that might actually help a novice debater try to adapt.


I have been experimenting with this.  I have discoverd that the tool I want to use to publish this will work

very efficiently with about 70 - 75 key strokes of data to share for each judge.  Sometimes though, less is more.


Some of you actually did this when you signed judges up.  I have left that information in place.


Here are some simple thinigs you might consider including if they fit, and space allows:


"Head Coach @ ___ HS"  "Assistant Coach @ ____ HS"  "Former HS dbater."  "Former college debater." 

"KS DCI debater for ___  years." "Qualified to NSDA nats."  "Flow judge, but need clarity and focus." 

"Speed Kills, I won't flow or count that which I can not understand." "I will listen to any arguments." "I need closure and resolution of arguments." "Currently attending ___ ."  "Currently debating at _____ ."


I know if you want, you can provide some good helpful hints.  Most better than those examples above.


Remember, keep it simple and direct.  Keep it to no more than 70-75 key-strokes.


Send to Steven Davis:  davisste@usd.437 .


NO PENALTIES if you don't provide.  But do you want your judges to be the only judges without something shared for debaters?


I will put this info together and have several copies in registration packets on Friday.


That's all I have right now.  I truly think that may be all I need to share to the masses; so . . . MAYBE . . . no more emails before Friday.




Questions?  Let me know how I can help.


Steven Davis

Washburn Rural Assistant

Sunflower Invitational Tournament Manager





I will be sending out one more copy of your Registration info on Thursday.  PLEASE do look at it and make sure all is in order (ie names, pairings, divisions assigned).  If there are problems, PLEASE let me know ASAP.


If you took time to fill out the Google.doc with coach/judge email's, etc.  The promised test message will be forthcoming late tomorrow.  If/when you receive it, you will need to do nothing.  I will be looking for emails that do not deliver, and will seek you out on Friday if that is a problem. 




All Registrants of The Sunflower Invitational KS Novice State