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Subject: The Sunflower Invitational: Friday Final Registration, Slightly Adjusted Schedule
Sender Steven Davis
Recipients All Registrants of The Sunflower Invitational KS Novice State
Date Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 11:48 AM

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PLEASE consider printing this for your use this coming Friday and Saturday.



1.  Prior to Friday, please let us know as soon as you know if you will need to drop a team.  Email:  davisste@usd.437

2.  If you have name changes, please send those to me ASAP and I will process in advance of Friday's registration.  If I receive these before 5:00 pm on Thursday, I will process and send you an updated registration sheet.


A.  If you are traveling from outside the Topeka immediate area, we would appreciate a text message regarding your entry status as you depart your school.  Include school, and appropriate information.  Text to:  (785) 217-3990.

B.  If you are in the immediate Topeka area, PLAN to meet/arrive at Washburn Rural by 2:50 PM.  Report to the Cafeteria.

C.  Final Registration will take place in the lobby off the main entrance.  School is out at 3:00 pm, traffic will be congested until about 3:15 pm.  PLAN your arrival to allow you to complete final registration by as close to 3:00 pm as possible.

5.  There will be a pre-tournament meeting of all judges and debaters in the Cafeteria at 3:15 pm, or as soon as possible given late arivals.

4.  Round 1 schedules AND Round 1 ballots will be distributed in the Cafeteria, NOT in the Media Center.

5.  Hospitality will be in the Media Center throughout the tournament.

6.  Ballot return after Round 1 will be in the Media Center. 

7.  Ballots, Round 2 on:  ballots will be distributed and returned in the Media Center.



in order to provide for the best possible power-matching situation, we wish to try to power-match High vs High during every preliminary round (Rds 2, 3, 4, 5).  This creates a very tight schedule, and is only possible if debates get started in a timely manner, AND judges return their ballots to the Media Center in an extremely timely manner (i.e. NO ORAL CRITIQUES until your ballot is returned to the Media Center.)

The following schedule is slightly adjusted from that sent our with the original invitation:

FRIDAY: January 8, 2016

Complete final registration in th Main Entrance Lobby by 3:15 pm.

Round 1:  3:30 PM

Round 2:  5:30 PM

Round 3:  7:45 PM



Round 4:  8:00 AM

Round 5:  10:15 AM

Octa-Finals:  12:45 PM

Assembly:  2:45 PM [Announce Sweepstakes Award recipient, Top Speakeres,

and teams advancing to QFs, AFFER QF ballots have been distributed to judges.)

Quarter-Finals:  3:30 PM  [Awards presented in room, advancing teams will be told which room to report to.

Semi-Finals:  5:15 PM  [Awards presented in rooms, final eround teams will be told which room to report to.]

Finals:  7:00 PM


REMINDER:  Schools are obligated to judge one round beyond the elimination of the school from the tournament. 

Judges may and will be assigned to either/both divisions throughout the tournament. 


Additional questions?

Please contact Steven Davis (davisste@usd437), The Sunflower Invitational Tournament Manager




All Registrants of The Sunflower Invitational KS Novice State