Chattahoochee Cougar Classic

2015 — GA/US
Subject Cougar Classic Tomorrow - Important
Sender Garrett Abelkop
Recipients All Registrants of Chattahoochee Cougar Classic
Sent Thursday 24 September 2015 at 2:13 PM
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We are looking forward to hosting you tomorrow - a few quick, important reminders

1) TRAFFIC will be a MAJOR issue - - not only is it normally an issue - but there is major road construction on the ONLY road that leads to the school - - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave yourselves enough time - Registration will run from 3:45 to 4:30 and Round 1 will start at 5:00PM.  Teams that have not reported by 5PM will forefit round 1. 

2) We have transitioned to - that is where Judge Preferences are available - NOT Joy of Tournaments 

3) School is in session until 3:30 - even though you should head in this direction early to beat traffic - tournament participants will not be allowed in the building until 3:30PM. 

4) We will be using online balloting in all events - please make sure your judges have accounts.  If you need assistance - email me at and Bill Batterman at 


THANKS so much - looking forward to a GREAT weekend!!!!


All Registrants of Chattahoochee Cougar Classic