2015 Voices Foundation Invitational

2015 — San Jose, CA/US
Subject: Presentation PF: Tabroom accounts & Megan's Law
Sender Todd Newkirk
Recipients All Registrants of Voices Foundation Invitational
Date 3 November 2015 10:51 AM

Text of message:



Please ensure all judges have tabroom accounts linked to thier judge profile. We will not be using paper ballots so this is necissary for all judges to complete the duties required of them. Instructions: https://www.tabroom.com/docs/wiki/Sign_Up. If a judge misses a round because they didn't have access to a linked account his or her school will be assessed a fine.


In accordance with Presentation HS policy, we need to run a Megan's Law check on all adults who will be interacting with students on our campus. Please send me the legal name and address of each judge, coach, and adult observer who will be with or representing your school this weekend so we can manually run each search. We cannot allow anyone to be with students (including judging) prior to these checks, and if you miss any rounds due to not sending this information to us in advance you will be assessed a fee for missed rounds.


Thank you!

All Registrants of Voices Foundation Invitational