Gonzaga University HS Tournament Conway Classic

2016 — WA/US
Subject Gonzaga tournament - Conway 16
Sender Glen Frappier
Recipients All Registrants of Gonzaga University HS Tournament Conway Classic
Sent Monday 2 November 2015 at 8:56 AM
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Hello - 

If you are receiving this email you have students entered in the 2016 Conway Classic at Gonzaga University. While i'll be sending out much lengthier pre tournament emails as we get closer I did want to let you know of two updates. 

1. In addition to our room block at the Red Lion we have also secured a block of rooms at the Marriott Courtyard for those of you who are Marriott loyalists. Reservations can be made here:


2. Beginning this year we have enabled online payments with a credit card. You can submti payment for fees at any time through Gonzaga's secure online payment site. Visit the site using the link below if you'd prefer to pay using a credit card. 



We're looking forward to hosting your students. Please contact me at frappier@gem.gonzaga.edu if you have any questions. 




All Registrants of Gonzaga University HS Tournament Conway Classic