Gonzaga University HS Tournament Conway Classic

2016 — WA/US
Subject Conway Reminders for 1/6/15
Sender Glen Frappier
Recipients All Registrants of Gonzaga University HS Tournament Conway Classic
Sent Wednesday 6 January 2016 at 10:28 AM
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Colleagues  -

Just three quick reminders as you prepare for our tournament. 

First, Open Policy pref sheets are open as of last night. Just go to your registration page and look for the tab that says "prefs". We are using a simple ordinal scale for rating (jut rank the judges 1 through X).  We are ONLY usuing prefs in Open policy so if you don't have teams in that division no need to worry about this. Prefs will close tomorrow, January 7th at 3pm.  Also remember that all open policy judges were expected to have a posted judging philosophy. If any of your judges are still missing that please have them post asap or your school will be charged a $50 fine. 

Second, Drops are due by tonight at 6pm. Any drops or name changes should made after then should be emailed to me directly. As per the invite you will be charged for any drops made after this deadline.

Third, please remember to share the tournament booklet (posted on tabroom) with your students, coaches, and judges. Lots of valuable information in there so please look through it and let me know what questions you have. Normally about 75% of the questions we get during the tournament could have been answered if folks had just looked at the materials we prepared so in the interest of time and efficiency please, please read this.

There will probably be one final reminders email tomorrow afternoon but for now thats about it. Thank you and good luck with your tourney prep!



All Registrants of Gonzaga University HS Tournament Conway Classic