Gonzaga University HS Tournament Conway Classic

2016 — WA/US
Subject Conway Winter Classic - Pre Tournament Notes
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Sent Thursday 31 December 2015 at 10:13 AM
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I hope this note finds all of you well. With the Conway just a little over a week away I wanted to send out a few notes as your teams prepare for their trip to Gonzaga. I usually wait until after January 1 to send this email but i'll be at Cal with my team for the next few days so figured it best to get this info out now. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 

1. Please finalize your entries as soon as possible. We are not accepting any new debate adds, but you can drop teams or make name changes until January 5th.  Also remember that you will be charged for any drops made after the deadline. There is no way in tabroom for me to turn off entries in debate but not IEs, so if you have IE adds to make email me at gfrappier@gmail.com with those and I can mannually make the add. 

2. Please finalize your judging. Some of you still owe judging. If you are unsure if you owe judging just check out tabroom. It will tell you how many rounds you owe and in what event.  If those rounds are still uncovered on January 4th you will be charged for hired judging. Your open CX judges also need to submit their judging philosophies to tabroom asap. We will open prefs for open CX on January 4th so please get those entered asap. If any of your open CX judges do not have a posted philsophy on tabroom you will be charged a $50 nuisance fee.  Posting a philosophy is free, easy and invaluable for students/coaches who will be filling out pref sheets. Remember that a debate judge should only be in one debate judging pool (so either policy, LD, or PF). Please do not enter them in multiple formats since they cannot simultaneous cover all those commitments).

One more note on judging. In a couple cases debate judges have been entered as having a full commitment (6 rounds) but in the notes it says they are only available for certain time blocks.  If they have restrictions on when they can judge they could not possibly judge a full commitment. Please fix any of those oversights so we can accurately guage the rounds we have available. 

 3. Please remember that pairings for all events (debate, congress and IEs) will be available on tabroom before each round. I suspect most of your students are very familiar with tabroom but if not you might encourage them to access the site and figure out where to go for pairings. Physical copies of the pairings will also be posted in the Globe Room and the KOC multipurpose room (our team meeting spaces).

4. The tournament booklet will be posted on tabroom today. It should contain answers to a lot of questions you have, especially if you're new to our tournament. Please, please share this document with your coaches, judges, and competitors. Lots of valuable information.

5. Schedule. There have been some alterations to our schedule (although those were made a while ago online). I've posted the final version below. Big change is that we're only doing 4 rounds of debate on Friday (instead of 5). The schedule speaks for itself but please let me know if you have questions. 

6. Fees. Just a couple reminders on fees. There is a $40 per school fee (as per invite). For some reason that wasn't showing up on the invoices in tabroom, but its been fixed. If you would prefer to pay online with a credit card we are now set up for those payments. Here is the link. https://commerce.cashnet.com/GUDebateCC


Jan 8 - Friday



Check in and Registration/Pairings released for 1 and 2. 


Debate Round 1  Congress Meeting


Debate Round 2  Congress Rd 1


IE Round 1


Debate Round 3 - Congress Rd 2


IE Round 2


Debate Round 4 - Congress Rd 3


IE Round 3

Jan 9 - Saturday



Debate Round 5/ Final Congress Session


Debate Round 6/Final Congress Session


Open CX Double Octas and IE Finals


Awards Ceremony


All Debate Elims continue 





All Registrants of Gonzaga University HS Tournament Conway Classic