The 12th Scarsdale Invitational

2015 — US
Subject: Arrival and Registration
Recipients All Registrants of The 12th Scarsdale Invitational
Date Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 10:04 PM

Text of message:

Hello all,

We ae less than 24 hours away and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. A few things

1) When you arrive, you should come to the BREWSTER ROAD ENTRANCE. Do not come to the Post Road entrance. The security guard will not let you in at that location. Once in the building, our present plan is for everyone to come to the auditorium. There is a slight chance that we may have to change that location due to the school's musical but the new location to hang out would be on the same floor.

2) Please plan to arrive before 1:45 PM for registration. School lets out at 2 PM so all entrances and exits to the school become chaotic between 1:50 PM and 2:15 PM

If for some reason you cannot make it before 1:45 PM or if you are running late, please either TEXT me (914-715-7337) or email me ( before 1:45 PM that either your registration is all square or if you have drops. We want to start on time and that requires us having all the data ready to go at 2 PM. 

3) E-Balloting will be available for the tournament. There will be an instruction packet for you to give all your judges in your folders about how to sign up for e-balloting or just send them to the following for instructions:

4) The wifi network will be the SHSGuest Network. Username: debate  Password: debate

5) We have decided to add a 6th round of VPF. To accomodate that, we will be doing some single flighting on Saturday morning. A new schedule for all events will be emailed out tomorrow morning (since it is apparently on my work desktop).

6) Housed students ought to bring sleeping bags, towels and the appropriate necessities.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow



All Registrants of The 12th Scarsdale Invitational